Single mums escape current issue : Complicated parenting

The most important person in a broken family is, the child. Always!

As any mother, you are always wanting what’s best for your child, so many decisions to be made, about you and your child’s life. The child’s needs must be met along with your own needs. This is so you will be capable and well to look after and provide for your family. #security #safety

Family – I have this family in my head that I’ve always liked to Be like. Their connections, interactions, bonds, love, trust, loyalty, etc.

Unconditional love ? This concept was All new to me in 2017 ! Is it real? Just try it and see! I did ❤

Learn about unconditional love, if you don’t already know the meaning of it, or you never quite understood how it works.

(my perspectives – my imagination of family life -what it would be like ?) -V- (the reality for most families).

Modern family unit – neutral

Times have changed.

When I’m down, my head goes to attack on my touchy subjects. Things my darkness tells me I need ! Wanting, wanting old-school family traditions. These thoughts magnify the lack of them in my own family.

Acceptance of what is. Live in the present. All we have is – now.

My job is to create what is missing in my family life – such as : routines, traditions, activities, connection, trips, relax with family, financial security, family business ideas.

Remove limitations from my life.

Tools : Use visualisation – vision boards.

My Dream career? A family business, a family empire, dreams turned into goals.

Personal skills I am currently waisting when could potentially be investing my time /energy on and being successful.

Goals to set to help with the reality of:

single motherhood, unemployment, housing assistance, cash flow (consistent), raring two beautiful and intelligent girls xxxx.

In reality – so very much to be grateful for. I need to let go of the limitations I put on myself. Be with family members and enjoy the things that I love xxxx

Find inspiration in the people I love. Meet new people everyday that can help me through -my journey through -single handed parenthood #WonderWoman, recovery, living positively and healthy, while living “on the Bread / poverty line” as its called.

Make the best of a situation -good or bad, what’s the alternative? Choose to live in the solutions, not in the problems.

This to shall pass, Live and let live . Life on life’s terms.

Spiritual growth & single parenting

Spirituality saved me.

My spirit was torn apart. From pain of family breakdown, by 2 , my past was haunting me, drugs robbed me – of myself, self sabotage my entire life.

Spirituality gradually became interesting as I was growing further into the darkness of my soul.

Believe it or not, spirituality, found its way to me.

It has changed my thinking for ever. I can now, see and hear more of what I’ve been searching for my whole life – a way of Life.

My existence was non existent. I can actually see what went wrong and why?

But now , I know. There is a way of living, that I can live. To feel alive and to be healthy/happy.

Customising my future, to focus on key goals. Brainstorm: what stays, goes, to avoid, to get involved in, etc.

Building a life around me and my daughters’ world’s.

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#familygoals #muchlove #whorunstheworldgirls

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#cashflowgeneration #familystyle

#useyourinitiatve #bereal #staytruetoyourself


Escape a form of escape used as a child + into adolescence. I am revisiting my old hobby. ♥️♥️♥️Drawing♥️♥️♥️ Expressing my feelings —My healing process— ♥️♥️♥️ A journey into the unknown Seeking guidance ♥️♥️♥️ I put my pencil to paper while I hung on to the rolercoaster ride. #Strength#HoldOn

Define escape :)

Escape : A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.

A life time of seeking escape rather than connection. But what was I trying to escape? How can one live an existence of running away from oneself? Where are you while your mind is in fight or flight mode?

31years of disconnection from everything real.

Life was wasted by misunderstandings and misdirections of one’s life.

Purpose of your life??? What does it mean to have a purpose in your life ???

Wise words : everyone has a purpose, a gift a skill to show off to the world.

It is your journey to find this purpose.

No more escape to a place that will later cause me pain.

No more wasted escapes. If I need to escape – I will use my escape wisely.

Escape into a world that is my inner peace, my sanctuary.

Surrounding myself with knowledge and understanding of the world I want to live in.

My new escape is expression. Expression through words, art, or any other form of expression that inspires me to act or speak out.

Escape to your freedom.

Escape to your true self.