Define escape :)

Escape : A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.

A life time of seeking escape rather than connection. But what was I trying to escape? How can one live an existence of running away from oneself? Where are you while your mind is in fight or flight mode?

31years of disconnection from everything real.

Life was wasted by misunderstandings and misdirections of one’s life.

Purpose of your life??? What does it mean to have a purpose in your life ???

Wise words : everyone has a purpose, a gift a skill to show off to the world.

It is your journey to find this purpose.

No more escape to a place that will later cause me pain.

No more wasted escapes. If I need to escape – I will use my escape wisely.

Escape into a world that is my inner peace, my sanctuary.

Surrounding myself with knowledge and understanding of the world I want to live in.

My new escape is expression. Expression through words, art, or any other form of expression that inspires me to act or speak out.

Escape to your freedom.

Escape to your true self.


Author: Singlemumsescape

A single mum of 31 Currently seeking change A single mum of 31 Seeking others on the same page Broken lost an empty too Full of ideas, plans of a new Way of life that fits in wit mine My daughters also so we will be fine Grieving prolonged and traumas held deep On my journey of healing and recovery, it's steep but less of it 'being bad' And more of 'being glad' Recently reconnected with spirituality and a new way of life to live. Hope trust and belief in my Higher power. And in myself. This blog is to express myself during this journey of mine. I feel like writing is what I am meant to be doing right now. Why not share my experiences with others who are actively doing the same. To connect with like minded people who are inspirational themselves and seek inspiration for their lives. It's a blessing to be able to write I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't?? Gratitude Singlemumsescape

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